Kimi Raikkonen: Legacy of the Iceman

For a long time in Formula 1, when a racer was victorious, it was not such a genuine and sincere joy as with the great victory of Kimi Raikkonen in Austin. The fight for the title of world champion was pushed back into the background, as well as rivalry and personal offenses. The world of Formula 1 was united in sincere […]

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Ferrari: How does it feel to lose a championship without shame

[su_quote]The most pathetic explanation of the whole situation is that it is all about respecting the will of the deceased president. Did Marchionne want to lose the title? Probably not. Would will roll over in his grave? Probably yes.[/su_quote] News that in the next season, the newcomer Charles Leclerc will replace Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari, they were most gladly waiting in the […]

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