Ultimate bwoah?


Luckily all of this story has now finally got an end and the headquarters at Ferrari offered us an ultimate vegan dish. Vegan because in these last few months it has been said so much about the second seat of the team that there isn’t any meat left of the story, but on the other hand they showed with such way of the announcement that the dish they served us is completely empty of eggs (balls)

I wonder why it was not all disclosed during the race in Monza? Was anyone scared because Kimi had reached the fastest pole in front of Vettel and could some of the enthusiasts express their disagreement in public? Of course, it’s easier, a week later there is no fan below the window, who would express his criticism a bit more or less louder, live in front of the media. Now I get the impression that or, they don’t even know what to do in the team (such decisions should not be done in a week), they do not have enough courage to speak up or even both of them. Unfortunately, we are not human goldfish with a short memory, Leclerc himself said that he never had any contact with anyone in Ferrari. All right, these are also racing, but I ask politely all the racing enthusiast that no one should ever criticize Lawrence Stroll again. Every father will help his own son, he can afford this and never hide his intentions.

Let’s leave it to the side of how this story developed in public, let’s look at the matter from the side of the championship. Have they decided in Ferrari that this year they no longer need Kimi to help? Now that  Sebastian Vettel is thirty points behind, and Ferrari twenty-five? Bottas can be called a wingman, a butler or some other nickname, but the fact is that he is driving for the team, I hope that there is no doubt. Now, Kimi will race for himself, for the team, against anyone, or anything else, he only knows, but his decision is also the result of the team’s actions. If we paraphrase Colin Chapman, the essence of the races is only one, winning. Let’s ask ourselves what Ferrari wants to achieve this year with such decisions.

What they want to achieve in the next season too. The press, fans and probably the top team will expect the results of this magical boy. Will he help Vettel or be his first opponent? A young man in a Ferrari, let’s get for a moment in his racing shoes, which one of us would not want to win. How this will turn out to be in the optics of the championship, only time will tell. Who will be responsible for a possibly wrong decision if Charles does not meet expectations, in my opinion, another good question.

But Kimi himself also brought a lot to this vegan meal. His drives this year proved his real value, he has nothing to prove to anyone even if Ferrari didn’t notice that. But will Sauber become a colony of ex-Ferrari staff, (let’s not forget about Resta). Ok Kimi is not good enough for Ferrari, he is enough for Sauber, but didn’t he say he will retire after the Ferrari adventure?

I know veganism today is popular but in my opinion, in Formula One it would be better to have something better than those pale crying faces. We need little more spice in all the races. And above all, I think, and underline this as my personal opinion, that the sport we love, in addition to spices, there is an urgent need of more eggs (balls). These are disappearing quickly, as you can notice every day.

Simon Jazbec


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